Life Skills Coaching

As most of the students are from seriously deprived family backgrounds, many have not had the benefit of growing up in the nurturing ‘normal’ family environment with love, advice, and guidance from the immediate and extended families

Lifetime Leverage

The Academy has already touched the lives at least 200 boys and girls changing them through:

Prior to the AYSA intervention, the student failure rate was unacceptably high. The project has reduced this rate considerably, and nurtured many to progress beyond ‘O Level’ to Diploma and University levels.

Without AYSA’s intervention, most of the boys and girls would fall victim to HIV/AIDS, Teenage Pregnancy, Drugs, and most likely not live a healthy adult life.

Gender Empowerment
 By playing organised soccer, the girls become empowered as they continue to excel in a previously male-dominated sport.

Confidence Building
Selection as national team players gives these boys and girls tremendous confidence as individuals.