AYSA is proud to have built, in its first decade, the solid foundation for a dynamic and sustainable world-class football academy. The Academy now has a consistent enrolment 40 boys and 25 girls.


Since inception, AYSA has provided critical social development intervention for 200 boys and girls; paying for school fees, books, uniforms, and providing supplementary tuition support.


The house in Waterfalls, Harare, has been the Academy’s Clubhouse since 2003. It has been home to at least 100 boys and girls who have stayed there in boarding.


Each cadet entering the academy undergoes a medical check-up, and this is repeated at the beginning of each year to ensure that they are in good health. Body weight and height are measured regularly, and progress is tracked to ensure that they achieve optimum growth.

The Academy employs the services of a qualified physiotherapist to attend to player injuries and other preventive support.


AYSA believes that nutrition is critical to player development, and at times could be the difference between a player being exceptional and ordinary. The Academy thus ensures that each cadet receives at least one meal a day from the Clubhouse.

Sport Science

AYSA has embraced sport science as a crucial element of the Academy’s programme. We believe that only a comprehensive and scientific approach will enhance the development of a more complete and competitive player. This process involves football skills development programmes, complemented with informed fitness that includes body composition analysis, and age-appropriate cardio-vascular fitness, speed, quickness, agility, strength, and flexibility, improvement techniques, and training habits that will ensure sustained fitness, enhanced player focus, and confident engagement.

Supporting the Disadvantaged

  •  Tatenda Nyahwa, speech and hearing impaired, was orphaned at an early age. He joined the Academy at age 12 and was enrolled at the Emerald Hill School for the Deaf, where he studied for his O-Levels. On completion AYSA helped him secure employment at a local shop-fitting company.
  •  Christian Chikomo also came to the Academy as a 12 year-old an orphan. AYSA assisted him with his O-Level and post-high school studies, eventually arranging for his enrolment for a B.Sc. Computer Science degree at NILAI University in Malaysia.