Vision, Mission and Objectives


AYSA aims to be a youth development hub offering dynamic world-class sports programs, underpinned by robust academic and essential life skills training.


AYSA’s mission is to establish an institution that is a home and paragon of excellence for Zimbabwe’s youth.
The primary assignment of the Academy is to nurture 12 to 18 years old boys and girls, so that they achieve their dreams of becoming successful football professionals, coaches and administrators.


AYSA’s fundamental thrust is the aspiration to empower Zimbabwe’s youth such that they become productive participants in the country’s sustainable economic and social development. Our grand objective is to use sport as a capacity building tool and rescue young boys and girls from the poverty trap by:

  1.  Providing the essential tools of life: nutrition, health, education (academic and vocational), shelter, talent development, and mentorship.
  2.  Developing the Academy into a world-class institute of excellence, and this will be achieved by developing an integrated sports training, residential, and educational facility in Harare South.
  3.  Scouting youth talent from throughout Zimbabwe.
  4.  Placing Academy graduates with in professional sport organisations and higher education institutions (in Zimbabwe and abroad), and appropriate employment for them.